Street market version
Première on June 10th, 2022 as part of Heddadagene.
Kanonhallen, Oslo.  
Concept: Alice Vanini Tomola
Performer: Stefan Andersson
Produced by Høgskolen i Østfold and Nationaltheatret
Mephisto's Website:
*note that Mephisto's Website and domain are normally not active outside the performance period
Mephistopheles is the devil that deceived Faust, bartering his soul in exchange for promises: eternal life, power, Margaret's love, wealth and knowledge.
Mephisto's Shop, is a participatory performance to reflect on the topic of big-tech companies’ use of personal data, and its consequent control on people’s everyday life. In the guise of a food truck, Mephisto appears in Oslo's square. The truck intrigues passers-by, has dark tones and curious advertisements on the bodywork. Apparently it sells some special kits: Wealth, Long life, Love, Beauty and Knowledge. And they are totally free.
But as the web teaches us, when something is free, it means that we are the product.

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